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First special meeting can be an exciting moment for online dating that has just passed. Earlier, you just have an affair with women looking for chat and exchange with some emails. Nevertheless, the time has arrived and now you have to leap into it and give it a try. In case you are preparing to meet an individual there are several moments you have to remember.


 Foremost of all, it is highly suggested to allow your parents and friends to know the place you are going to meet the person. Selv om det er en likelihood at noe vil ske, er det lite, men det er viktig å være forsiktig. I tilfelle du tilbyder din familie med de essensielle opplysninger som du vil være i stand til å. There is a compulsion and it is strongly suggested to have the cell phone.


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I tilfelle du planlegger å gå hvor som helst, må du sørge for at stedet du møter er ganske komfortabelt og du er ganske fortrolig med det. I det tilfellet du ikke trenger å bekymre dig om hvad du skal putte på. Hvis du er i en fælles sted så vil du være i stand til at understreke møtet og vil være i stand til å redusere nivået av immunitet.

In case you can not make a decision about women seeking but for dating local area using the internet on-site, then you have to deal with the place you are both familiar with. Du kan velge et offentligt område, mall eller fotgjengerdata så langt som det er et komfortabelt sted for begge dere. Du vil være i stand til å kontrollere din mulighet til å være når du er begge lettet. Det er foreslått at begrænse tidlige datoer til offentlige steder alene. Under disse omstendigheder, behøver du ikke bekymre dig om personlig beskyttelse og sikkerhed.



There is no uncertainty that it is important to limit the first dates to having an affair with local women, but to for daytime only. It's time to be most incredible, but in case you meet in the day you will get a bit of anxiety and create a comfortable atmosphere. If the weather conditions are fine then you have to go outdoors for a trip. This is the method to show that you can be impulsive.



Initial meeting is an opportunity to make buoyant first impression. Hvis så, så sørg for at du har det beste du er i stand til. Pick the finest clothes and wear fittingly. Make sure the clothes are unnecessary and matching. It's better when it's nice and classic to some degree than flamboyant.

When you have a primary meeting, remember moderation and make sure you do not drink much. You can share a bottle of wine, but do not drink too much and try to control the use of alcohol.